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Seminar: Advanced Topics in Image Analysis


Please write a mail to Alexander Zeilmann until October 20th, 2021 if you consider participating.

If there are too many students interested in the seminar, the list of participants will be chosen at random.

The first meeting, discussing the seminar and answering questions will take place in the first or second week of the semester.

Afterward, you write a mail with a ranking of your favorite 2 (or more) papers, that the papers can be assigned in case of collisions (otherwise chosen by lot).


The seminar is targeted mainly at Master students in mathematics and related areas.

Every Student is supposed to introduce one of the listed papers by a 30-minute talk (plus discussion). Additionally, write a small summary with 3 to 5 pages at most (references excluded). As this is a seminar, you are expected to use English for your summary, slides and talk.


  • Submission slides: one week in advance of your presentation
  • Submission summary: one week after your presentation
  • Talks: Depending on the number of participants as block seminar or weekly seminar. Also depending on the current regulations and the wishes of the participants, the seminar will be in person or online.


The list of papers will be sent to you after preliminary registration.